Small Town Crime

February 27, 2018, 8:30 pm at ColdTowne Theater, 4803 Airport Blvd, Austin, TX
Small Town Crime takes place in the dystopian town of Beaverlick Valley, where the owner of the lumber mill is blackmailing the mayor into marriage. The town's high school students and their undercover FBI teacher are the town's only hope for exposing fraud and stopping this corrupt union. As this farce plays out, the foundations of this dam-town are shown to be built on a stack of dam lies. This show is a collaboration between members of The Gratitude Economy. We started with the basis of forming small-town characters and then explored their motives to create a political satire. Credits: Produced by Sarah Greufe Directed by Shawna Lander - Written by The Gratitude Economy: Sarah Greufe J.D. Halbleib Annie Hedrick Joseph Simmons - Cast by last name Maxwell Jedidiah Beaverlick - Chris Canada Emmy Lou - Sarah Ann Greufe Dontheo Morrison - Jacob Duffy Halbleib Francie DeMayore - Annie Hedrick Tiffany - Shawna Lander (Shawna The Mom) Town Prophet - Nicholas Marino Sheila - Ashlesha Shastri Ignatius Scholastic - Joseph Simmons Mayor Roxanne DeMayore - Hien Tran - Booth Technician - N/A Photography - Srivas Venkatesh Scheduling & Marketing - Sarah Ann Greufe Sound Design - Joseph Simmons Video Editing - J.D. Halbleib - Special Thanks: Will Cleveland Bryan 'Lubu' Roberts Eric Rutherford Jon Michael Simpson Kevin Smith ColdTowne Theater The Cuddle Squad PictureBox Studios - A Knavery Ink Production

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