Weight Loss Seminar

May 11, 2017
6:30 pm
St. David's North Austin Medical Center

The seminar is an educational experience talking on topics like body mass index (BMI) numbers, what is considered obese, what comorbidities are, and different types of weight loss procedures offered at St. David's. The seminar also touches on like contributing factors to obesity, and lists recommendations for self-help in the initial steps of your weight loss journey. Through the seminar you will be introduced to team members like the manager of bariatric surgery, John Archibeque, MSN CBN, and the medical director of the program, Dr. Sashidhar Ganta MD. You will see comparisons of other people's journey and their results after surgery.

Price: Free

St. David's North Austin Medical Center

12221 Mopac Service Rd Austin, TX 78758