Video Vortex: Lady Battle Cop

March 26, 2017
7:10 pm

Everything is better in Japan, including ROBOCOP. Sometime, somewhere in Neo-Tokyo, drug barons known as The Cartel have turned the city into a hyper-violent death zone. But the coke-heads bite off more than they can chew after mutilating international tennis champion Azusa Nakamura, and she is transformed into LADY BATTLE COP!! An almost shot-for-shot remake of ROBOCOP mashed together with the empowering theme of THE LEGEND OF BILLIE JEAN, this is a fist-pumping sugar-bomb that also features a 'roid-raged super villain named Amadeus who makes flowers explode with his mind. Appropriately, this movie is filled with epic dad-rock power ballads with lyrics like, "The silver suit that I exchanged my dress for, I burn myself in order to fight."