TOTALLY '80s Video Dance Party

February 18, 2017
10:15 pm

Even though the beginning of music television started in the 1970s, music videos came into prominence in the 1980s when MTV based their format around the medium. Because of this, each month we dedicate a night to celebrate a decade where music took new risks, created amazing videos and changed the face of the music industry forever! Our TOTALLY '80s Dance Party will take you back to the days of horrible clothing, big hair and rock ballads that make you want to scream...in a good way! Everyone is encouraged to dance and sing out loud, basically turning our famous theaters into an Alamo Dance Club. We also hand out different props each month for you to use during the show. So come on out to celebrate the time when "video killed the radio star"! All of our Dance Parties shows are recommended for adult audiences and may feature foul language, nudity and other adult themes.

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