The Time Machine

January 14, 2017
8:00 pm
Long Center

Montopolis Productions presents “The Time Machine”, a science fiction themed, multi-media performance that travels through the 20th century and back to present day Austin. Montopolis performs popular songs from every decade while iconic images from each period are screened in a dynamic slideshow, framed by an interactive animation created by digital artist Stephen Fishman. ------- Montopolis has made a reputation for producing engaging multi media performances in Austin over the last decade with popular shows like Enchanted Rock, Yakona, The Return of Draw Egan, Man with a Movie Camera, and the Red Balloon. For the Time Machine, this crew plays through a song per decade of the 20th Century and the results sound sometimes like the Cantina Band from Star Wars and sometimes like a good ol' rock and roll band. Starting in present day Austin, the group travels to the 1900's and back again, playing hit songs from every decade. And although they have traveled through every moment in human history searching for a better understanding of art, music, fashion, architecture, love, pop tarts, sweaters, miniature golf, go carts, video games, soup, and the human condition in general, the crew of the Time Machine only shops for clothes in the 70’s.

Price: $15 - $20

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Long Center

701 W Riverside Dr, Austin, TX