The Joy of Movement + Short Self Defense class

February 19, 2017
11:30 am

Tango class with 15 minutes of Self Defense The so called "Joy of Movement" is the pleasure of dancing in a group and non-judgemental, inclusive environment. Tango is often pursued by people that sometimes find themselves vulnerable for one reason or another, and those who pursue can benefit greatly from Tango. We show the many reasons for dancing Tango: * Sophisticated and elegant dance * Great low impact workout * Improves grace and posture * You can start at any age * Opens a whole social life to you * Promotes confidence * Reduces stress (along with other proven medical benefits) * Inexpensive * A dance that anyone can dance ... Instructor: Orazzio Loayza Originally from Bolivia, Orazzio has been a Romance languages instructor at University Texas, a Diversity Instructor (Spanish – Portuguese) at Antioch University, a Bi-lingual Staff Development Instructor (Spanish) at State of Texas, and a Spanish Medical Interpreter in the Austin State Hospital. He is a very generous and energetic instructor and likes to bring treats to his students. Orazzio has also danced Argentine Tango since he was a teenager, watching his parents dance as a child. He knows the music, the orchestras, the composers, and he loves to share his knowledge and passion for all things Tango. He holds a Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do, Aikido, and is a proficient practitioner of Krav Maga for many years.

Price: By Donation

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