The DEADICATED Euphoria Clean Up

April 9, 2017
1:00 am
Carson Creek Ranch

Calling all my DEADICATED FAM going to Euphoria to participate in our official clean up!! Euphoria is happy to host us for a clean up or any other Ecophoria initiative. If you have any ideas of other ways we could help please post them here. This event is still in the works. Time tba. We plan to clean up after Zeds Deads set or who ever closes out that night. More info once schedule/set times are released. I need to show Euphoria that we are DEADICATED to doing this. Please PLEDGE to us that u WILL be helping with the clean up by joining this event. I will be personally contacting all who say they are "Going" to or are "interested" in this event. I need to present a rough estimate of how many DEADICATORS we will have participating. I have a really awesome idea that I will be presenting to our beloved ones ? so cross your fingers for me that they will get on board with us!!???????????????

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Carson Creek Ranch

9507 Sherman Rd, Austin, TX 78742, United States