The Black and White Years//TV Heads//Shark Rider at Barracuda

February 19, 2017
8:00 pm

Join The Black and White Years, TV Heads(Los Angeles), and Shark Rider for a night of debauchery at Barracuda Austin. The Black and White Years Since 2006 -- when Scott Butler, Landon Thompson and John Aldridge formed The Black & White Years -- their sifter has been shaking beyond the status quo. They've released two albums and one EP. Topped radio charts. Shifted directions. Nearly broken up. Added members. Won 5 Austin Music Awards. And now, a mere seven years post, what's left at the bottom of the sieve are the undeniably solid pieces of a band arriving at a capstone. https://theblackandwhiteyears.bandcamp.com/ TV Heads (Los Angeles, CA) TV Heads is a four-piece band born in the artistic crucible of the Bay Area and raised in Los Angeles on a steady diet of post-punk riffs, raw vocals, and electro textures. The band is composed of Sean Galloway (The Shimmies/Ave Grave) and Angelica Tavella (Nyx), who share duties on vocals, guitar, and synths, in addition to bassist Vince Gutierrez (Samvega/Crook) and drummer Jessica Lankford (Peba Luna). Galloway, Tavella, and Gutierrez are long time musical collaborators in various bands, tours, teaching at youth summer band camp and even performing in drag musicals. While Gutierrez and Tavella used to trade off on drum duty in the band's early days, Lankford officially joined the band after their last tour TV Heads' EP, "Total Fucker" (a term of endearment the band mates use for one another) was produced by Jeff Saltzman (Department of Eagles, The Killers, Blondie) who worked closely with the band to achieve a balance between verses with delicate melodies and choruses that take the mix into the red. The result sounds like a mix somewhere between indie mainstays Deerhoof and heavier elements of Jeff Buckley's and/or Smashing Pumpkins' catalog. Gritty synths, overdriven amps, and lush vocal harmonies soar atop urgent rhythms, creating a sonic package that teems with life and breathes entirely unlike their plastic molded contemporaries. http://www.tvheadsmusic.com/ Shark Rider Shark Rider formed in the sun drenched summer of 2015 from a collection of Austin musicians. They came together almost accidentally, and within a couple of practices had began manufacturing a unique punk infused brand of rowdy surf rock. They take inspiration from the rugged surf guitars and perfected tones of the Ventures and Dick Dale, as well as the crushing riffs and catchy new wave hooks of The Cars, Joe Jackson, and Weezer. Shark Rider is currently based out of Austin Texas, writing and recording there, while taking their show anywhere and everywhere as often as they can. www.SharkRiderWorldwide.com


611 E 7th St, Austin, TX