Texas Tech Chancellor Emeritus Kent Hance Coming to Georgetown

March 30, 2017
6:30 pm

Texas Tech University Chancellor Emeritus, Kent Hance, Coming to Georgetown, TX The Texas Tech Alumni Association, Georgetown Chapter is proud to be hosting a Speaking Engagement for Mr. Kent Hance, Chancellor Emeritus, former Law Professor, State Senator, Congressman and long-standing leader/supporter of Texas Tech University. Mr. Hance has accomplished so much in his career, that there isn’t room enough in this notice to do justice to his work for the benefit of the Texas Tech, the State of Texas and for theses United States of America. You are invited to join us on Thursday, March 30th, 6:30pm at Independence Bank, 1503 Rivery Blvd., Georgetown, TX 78626. Please join us to learn more about the present accomplishments and what the future has in store for Texas Tech University as well as other items of interest that Mr. Hance has in store for us. Also joining us will be Associate Vice President of the Texas Tech Alumni Association, Jim Douglass. Let’s give them both a big Georgetown Welcome!

Price: No Charge