Terror Tuesday: ABBY

April 25, 2017
10:15 pm

Brand new digital transfer courtesy the American Genre Film Archive! Moving is never easy. Especially when your spouse is a groin-kicking, goo-spewing, sex-addicted spawn of the devil! When William "BLACULA" Marshall unleashes a demonic sex spirit named Ishu, Abby gets possessed while she and her husband move into a new house. And that can only lead to knife violence, monsters in the bathtub, and demon sex in a nightclub that climaxes with explosions! Filmed in Louisville, Kentucky by trash-horror maniac William Girdler (THREE ON A MEATHOOK), ABBY is the supernatural blaxploitation epic that they didn't want you to see. Literally. A certain studio was so enraged by the movie's "similarities" to THE EXORCIST that they confiscated every print on earth. Or at least, they thought they did. After the chance discovery of a print in their archive, AGFA is proud to unleash a new 2K transfer of this outlaw classic.