Shivery Shakes / Go Fever

January 14, 2017
9:00 pm

Shivery Shakes 10:30p Shivery Shakes have time traveled back from the distant year of 2017 to brainwash you some shimmery fuzzy pop jams. They were first abducted into space by a recently un-cryogenically frozen Johnny Carson in 2015, who provided them with extensive training on how to become the new world order of sloppy garage bands. GO FEVER 9p GO FEVER is the new musical project of Acey Monaro, a socially inept Australian, who sings about her experiences with love and loss and being a hopeless c***. After moving to Austin from Sydney in 2013, and releasing a solo EP here the following year, Acey enlisted musicians from some of her favourite bands in the city to form Go Fever in 2016. The songs are rock and roll with surf pop influences, featuring three part harmonies. The overall effect is a rock and roll beach party, like Gidget dropped out of an English Lit degree, got herself some bad tattoos and became an aggregator of anxieties and bad relationships.


1305 W Oltorf St, Austin, TX