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Rule of Law Radio's Eddie Craig teaches Traffic Law Due Process (Every Sun. thru April)

April 23, 2017
2:00 pm
Brave New Books

Join the Traffic Law Guru, Eddie Craig, for an educational workshop on due process, the difference between private travel and transportation, and how to effectively fight your traffic tickets. First in-person class is free. Each additional class is $20 or one ounce of silver. Learn more about Eddie from the episode featuring Eddie on InfoWars Nightly News: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8KeLe1LKpMI Listen to Eddie Craig on the Rule of Law Radio Show here: http://archive.logosradionetwork.com/category/rule-of-law/ Eddie is an Air Force veteran that began realizing that the government was lying to the people at virtually every turn. He earnestly begin his research into government rules and statutes in the mid 90's after he witnessed his mother breakdown into tears of hopeless frustration over a property tax bill that threatened to take away her property and home. Angry at the malicious and callous demeanor of those that supposedly worked for the greater good of the People Eddie began to carefully research and document the relationships between the various statutes and the legislative enactments that created them, especially the "ad valorem" property tax, and eventually the federal income tax. He has since spent the past eleven years researching the various Texas Codes such as the Transportation Code. Much to the dismay of many municipalities, police officers, and prosecutors he has thrown a very large monkey wrench into the gears of their money machine, using their own laws! With Randy Kelton's passed down knowledge about due process and criminal actions Eddie's research has become even more dangerous to them. Vigorous study and research revealed the truth, most government employees know even less about the language and application of the law than the general public! Angered by the cavalier attitudes of public servants acting as if their ignorance was of no consequence, Eddie sought out other like minded people to exchange ideas and find a remedy, which led him to Rule of Law Radio. Eddie has now dedicated himself to "fighting the good fight" against the total willful ignorance that consumes our public servants at every level of government, an ignorance in which too many people share by way of an apathetic attitude about our rights and liberties. The biggest problem with being apathetic is that it is a word comprised mostly of the word "pathetic". This country was formed by great men, true Patriots who literally risked everything. With wisdom learned from their forefather’s mistakes as well as their own they formed a plan whereby those of us that came after would never have to take the same risk as long as we remained vigilant. They used that knowledge and wisdom to formulate the "Grand Experiment" that is America. Patriots should not be ridiculed for railing against the government, for that is how America came to be a nation. A Patriot does not fight with government simply because he or she does not agree with government, but do so because a Patriot sees the long range harm and danger in "letting things ride" that are created outside of government authority. A Patriot is someone who takes a stand even when those around them are still being tossed by the tide. A Patriot has the courage and conviction to say "No" for the benefit of the greater good of the People and not for their own selfish desires, much like Christians should. We should all pray and work to be known as true Christian Patriots.

Brave New Books

1904 Guadalupe St # B, Austin, TX 78705, United States
May 18, 2017 6:30 pm First National Bank (2nd floor)