Return to Planet 9 with DJ Roger Wilson

February 23, 2017
9:00 pm
The North Door

This is Austin's Biggest, Best & longest running 80s dance party! This legendary Austin event achieved it's iconic status in 1989 at the Planetarium / Sanitarium / Acropolis & Ohms nightclubs running continuously as a weekly for many years through the 90's for over a 1000 people most every night. Return to Planet 9 is still going strong today as a massive monthly dance party at Drinks Lounge with two-time Austin Chronicle club DJ of the year award winner DJ Roger Wilson as the only DJ who has been at the controls for the last 28 years! This special one-of-a-kind event will feature a special ALL VINYL mix of 'Early 80s New Wave' classics that made this event so special back in th 80s! It's like taking a step back into time. Enjoy the atmospere, energy and crowds that make 'Return to Planet 9' such an iconic event in Austin's long history! Only a small $3 cover to help with expenses and allow this great night to unfold. Be sure to RSVP to this event & share & invite friends who need a real Early 80s New Wave experience unlike any other 80s party. All Vinyl for your pleasure of course plus visuals & lights to complete the scene..

The North Door

501 Brushy St, Austin, TX