Prohibition: A Musical Comedy about the War on Booze

February 24, 2017
8:00 pm

100 years ago, Prohibition was the struggle that divided America. Set in Texas, this one-hour musical comedy tells the true story of the fight between the "Drys" and the "Wets." This show explores the epic struggle that dragged in temperancers, doughboys, suffragettes and gangsters, and culminated in a notorious era of criminality and vice. A one-hour musical comedy with a live band from Texas Comedies and Crank Collective, following up last year's Murders & Moontowers, and the True Story of Bonnie & Clyde. Cast includes Megan Ortiz, Josh Meindertsma, , Kirk Kelso, Phil Rodriguez, Kate Clark, Dara Hasenkampf, Joseph Quintana & Joe Falocco. The band includes Mikey Walters, Chris La Cava, Jonathan Hoyle & John Cecil.

Price: $25/$20/$12

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