Ladies Book Club V - Princess Jellyfish

April 13, 2017
6:30 pm
Outlaw Moon Games & Toys

Ladies! You are welcome to join us in discussing Princess Jellyfish at our quarterly book club. Tsukimi Kurashita has loved jellyfish from a young age. Tsukimi Kurashita moves into the Amamizukan to take refuge with other geek girls. But real life has a way of crashing in, even when you're hiding among socially-inept manga artists, history buffs, and doll fanatics. One evening, at the local pet store, Tsukimi sees a lovely jellyfish in danger! A chance encounter with a young black sheep of a wealthy family puts Tsukimi on a path she never thought she'd travel: that of fashion designer and entrepreneur! But with so many valuable secrets floating around, predators are bound to smell blood in the water. We hope to see you there!

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