Justin Timberlake Video Dance Party

April 27, 2017
10:00 pm

He brought sexy back. He took back the night. He was a legend of the summer. And he totally destroyed the VMAs with awesomeness and the most talked about reunion of all time. He's none other than JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE, and he just may be the greatest pop star to ever walk the earth. From his days with NSYNC to the second part of the 20/20 Experience, JT has been entertaining audiences like no one else for decades, and so of course it's time for the Alamo Drafthouse DJs to celebrate his awesomeness with a video dance party featuring all of his greatest hits. Whether you're wearing your Suit & Tie or opting for the more classic un-ironic fedora with an Afghan scarf around your neck, check yourself out in your Mirrors and head down to your Alamo Drafthouse this month, fully prepared to Rock Your Body. Gentlemen, good night. Ladies, good morning! All of our Dance Parties shows are recommended for adult audiences and may feature foul language, nudity and other adult themes.