Good Field / Tamarron

May 6, 2017
9:00 pm

Good Field 10:30p Good Field began as the solo recording project of Paul Price, former member of Brazos and The Early Tapes, and secondary guitarist and bassist for Voxtrot. While playing with these bands, Price visited an isolated adobe in Morelos, Mexico and wrote a group of songs he imagined for a full band. He continued working on the songs in between tours and eventually compiled enough material for an album. The songs were recorded by Price and friend/fellow musician Nathan Stein, mostly with two microphones at Price's home studio. After finishing the album, Price assembled the group he envisioned to perform the songs live: Michael McLeod (bass), Kyle Robertson (keys), and Esteban Cruz (drums). The self-titled debut album was released in 2012 and has been described as "vintage dream pop", incorporating elements of pop-psychedelia, indie rock, and shoegaze. KUTX's Laurie Gallardo named it one of her Top 10 records of 2012, and Bryan Parker of Pop Press International said, "...it feels good to see a band just doing everything well without being defined by some buzzword descriptor." Tamarron 9p "The quartet builds undulating dreamscapes that tunnel into propulsive jams - expansive songs that ultimately cohere under structural precision and a respect for pop sensibility. Cascades of organ and synthesizer drift over tight, orbital riffs, warm melodies, bombastic drums, and galloping bass."


1305 W Oltorf St, Austin, TX