Fix the System

March 26, 2017
4:00 pm
Spider House Cafe and Ballroom

MUSIC - ART - REVOLUTION Have you been wondering how to get involved in improving our system? Discouraged by all the hurdles to create change? Join us for live music and art, while also hearing from different interest groups about the best ways you can get involved. We have 12 bands, live artists and a series of information booths, as well as informative talks, come hear some of your elected officials speak, like councilman Jimmy Flannigan! Register to vote, find out who your representatives are, learn how to participate in the legislature. Procceeds go to Communities in School to help students living in Austin that are in need!!! INFORMATION BOOTHS Communities in Schools Left Up to Us Clean Water Action Sisters of Austin American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee: ADC Austin Justice Coalition 350 Austin BANDS Mattresses TeeVee Papa Mongoose Satalights Whelm DJ Unfortunate Face Buck and Doe Bango Skank Gnarworlf DdotElles ft. Delano Taylor Ferrell the Earthworm AND SURPRISE GUEST PERFORMANCE ARTISTS Zack Bobkoff Jonah Welch Maddie Rodriguez Brian Wagoner

Spider House Cafe and Ballroom

2908 & 2906 Fruth St, Austin, TX