Emo Night Brooklyn: Official New Found Glory Tour Afterparty

May 6, 2017
10:00 pm

It's true... Emo Night Brooklyn will be throwing the official afterparty of the New Found Glory 20 Years of Pop-Punk tour! Featuring guest DJ sets each night from members of NFG! Come rage with us and New Found Glory after the show. These will be the most epic nights of our lives, tickets for the afterparty on sale now! Tickets Here: http://bit.ly/2mmlY3K If this is your first ENB, ask yourself this: Do you miss Jesse Lacey's lyrics on your AIM away message? Do you still wear your skinny jeans? Is "Decade Under The Influence" STILL your top played song on Spotify? Welcome Home. Join us, while we leave Brooklyn party like it's 2005 so we can Dance Dance the night away to a Decade Under The Influence. Crowd surf to the back bar, take a shot of Soco Amaretto Lime and find your Punk Rock Princess (or garage band king) and make everyone just jealous cause you're young and in love. If you like Brand New, Taking Back Sunday, My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, Dashboard Confessional, All Time Low, Paramore, (this list goes on...) - welcome home. We will be spinning all the Emo & Pop-Punk essentials till they kick us out, along with the members of New Found Glory after their show! Keep up to date with us on Instagram and Twitter -> @EmoNight_BK and let us know what you want to hear in the comments section. Let's Do This on 5/6!


611 E 7th St, Austin, TX