Dogfish Head Boogie Nights Beer Feast

April 21, 2017
7:00 pm

We're teaming up with our dear pals at Dogfish Head Craft Brewery to bring you the BOOGIE NIGHTS Dogfish Head Beer Feast! Though that frequently-quoted line from Paul Thomas Anderson's polished sophomore joint BOOGIE NIGHTS was spoken by newcomer porn star Dirk Diggler (Mark Wahlberg), it may as well have been from the mouth of Anderson himself, as this is a flagship film for his directorial career. What germinated from a mockumentary-style short film by Anderson back in the late '80s became the compelling mixture of sweeping epic and intense character study of the sun-kissed 1970s porn industry. Starring an incredible ensemble cast with the likes of Julianne Moore, Burt Reynolds, Don Cheadle, John C. Reilly, Philip Seymour Hoffman, William H. Macy, Heather Graham, Luis Guzman, Philip Baker Hall, and Alfred Molina, BOOGIE NIGHTS is more than a pleasurable experience: it's a big bright shining star of sex in cinema. And now you can enjoy this modern classic with this themed menu: