Cotopaxi Questival Austin

February 18, 2017
7:00 pm

The Cotopaxi Questival is a 24-hour adventure race where teams of 2-6 people compete in 300+ challenges ranging from adventure, food, fitness, outdoors, and urban challenges. All participants receive a free daypack. It's awesome. Need to be convinced? Here is a quote from a past participant- "Questival is like a 24-hour photo scavenger hunt, but instead of finding yesterday's newspaper or a paperclip in someone's purse, you are doing AWESOME things and documenting them! We volunteered at an animal shelter, we did pull-ups, we rode a longboard, we did a handstand in front of a dinosaur, we built a fire with no lighter/matches, we hiked to the top of a mountain, we played football with a stranger. We drove all over the state, we did over 100 tasks, and most importantly we had a ridiculous amount of fun! For the price of a 5K, you get to do a FULL DAY of cool things. I highly recommend participating in this event! QUESTIVAL!! It's llamazing!"

Price: $42.00