College Admission Seminars

April 1, 2017
5:30 pm

Berkeley2 Academy's College Admission Seminar series is back this year! Join us for a three-part series in which we explore the new trends in college admissions, talk about application tips/tricks for selective universities and Ivy Leagues, and provide the chance to meet and hear from an actual Admissions Officer from Dartmouth College! These FREE seminars are designed to help you and your student have the upper-hand when tackling the high-stakes challenge of college admissions. Seminar 1: College Admissions - What Colleges Look for & How You Should Prepare Saturday, February 18th @ 5:30pm Seminar 2: The Secrets to Ivy League Admissions Part 1: Trend Analysis & Strategies Part 2: How Applications Are Read at Selective Universities & Tips on Improving Your Chance Saturday, March 11th @ 6pm Seminar 3: Combined - Accelerated BS-MD, Dental, Pharmacy Programs Saturday, April 1st @ 6pm Each year, Berkeley2 Academy assists students who receive admission into selective universities and programs. Our college admission experts will be presenting during the seminars, sharing strategies learned from years of successful experience, and giving you advice on how to snag a coveted spot in one of the extremely competitive schools and programs. Space is limited. RSVP Now.

Price: Free Admission