Barbara Nesbitt CD Release and Birthday Party

January 14, 2017
7:00 pm

On her new CD, Right as Rain, Barbara returns to her roots and lays bare the musical and personal journey that shaped her songs, from the heart-rending to the boot stomping. Her wanderlust and her philosophy about “the ways, large and small, we abandon and seek that elusive safety of home” are evident on every track. Recorded at Yellowdog Studios in Wimberley, Texas, and Berkley Sound in San Diego, and produced by Jeff Berkley, Right As Rain is Barbara’s most intimate and magnetic work to date. Part steel, part southern belle, her vocals and lyrics manage to be all at once tough, formidable and uniquely feminine and vulnerable. On “Hot Tin Roof” as she declares, “I am a girl who’s travelled the world, and I’ve met all manner of men,” she tells the story of the inevitable attraction to a man who’s nothing but a bad idea, but irresistible all the same. Perhaps one of the most mesmerizing tracks on the CD, “Old Devils Can Die” is a soulful, honky tonking tale of a love too destructive to let in the door, and the importance of standing your ground and protecting your home, heart and whatever else someone with bad intentions is trying to take or destroy. “Beautiful” is a wrenching, lilting portrait of a woman in search of her true self. Steeped in her Georgia and Appalachian background, “Red” is a defiant and rebellious track that harkens back to the South of a time gone by. “At Large in Tennessee” is Americana at its finest, with Nesbitt’s powerful vocals front and center as she portrays a woman who has found true happiness and a place to call home after freeing herself from a bad marriage. Lush, rousing, and beautifully wrought, Right As Rain, is the culmination of Nesbitt’s deft hand as a lyricist, gorgeous vocals, lauded guitar work, and unique worldview that still manages to be accessible to everyone who’s ever left home only to find it.

Price: 10.00