Austin Bug (Eating) Festival

June 10, 2017
4:00 pm

Bring your friends, bring your family, just be sure to bring your appetite! Join Little Herds and in.gredients for the Tenth Annual Austin Bug (Eating) Festival, where you can learn about the wonderful world of Entomophagy and maybe try your first bite of bugs. Quickly becoming a staple for anyone looking for fun new ways to "Keep Austin Weird," the Austin Bug Festival has fed thousands of folks their first bite of edible insects over the past ten years. Whether whole insects (always cooked!) or snack foods made out of insect ingredients, there's plenty of fun ways for adventurous eaters to experience this exciting new (old) food that just might be the Food of the Future! Founded by Marjory Wildcraft of The GROW Network in 2008 by convincing some friends to eat bugs in the park, the Austin Bug Festival has grown from a few families getting together, to welcoming hundreds of kids and adults out to try a fun afternoon of learning, curiosity, STEM education and a tour of the exciting new culinary world of insect cuisine. - Enjoy insect dishes made by local chefs and a cooking demonstration for making bugs at home. - Try insect products from around the world and learn how entomophagy could be part of the solution to world hunger through social impact initiatives. - Aketta (Austin) - Delysia Chocolatier (Austin) - Chirps Chips (Boston) - Merci Mercado (Mexico) - Entomo Farms - The Future of Food (Canada) - Lithic Nutrition (Denver) - Meet other Austin nonprofits active in kids education, food access and the environment. - Girls Empowerment Network - PEAS - Partners for Education, Agriculture, and Sustainability - Check out Austin's hot new food-tech startups. - Full Fridge - Food & Tech Austin - Live music including puppet emo-rock band, Fragile Rock Don't want to eat bugs? That's ok! Come learn about using insects as pet food and livestock feed. - Doggy Taste Testing - Bring your pooch and see if they like cricket protein too! - Chloe's Barkery - Wilder & Harrier - Farm-to-Table-to-Farm demonstration with GrubTubs and Westfold Farm - Learn how wasted food from Austin businesses can be used to grow insects as a nutritious and sustainable chicken feed for Austin urban farms. Last year's festival mentioned by Austin Chronicle: http://www.austinchronicle.com/daily/food/2016-06-01/this-saturday-austins-ninth-annual-bug-eating-festival/ More information coming soon!


2610 Manor Rd Austin, TX