Anime Brunch Club: Slapstick

February 19, 2017
1:00 pm

Anime Brunch Club is a weekly sampler of new and classic anime for seasoned fans and curious dabblers alike. Presented by the ladies of POMEgranate Magazine, ABC is here to create a fun, relaxed anime-watching environment, imbued with a spirit of exploration! Each week, we will show a secret lineup episodes organized around a theme. You might be entertained by old favorites or get hooked on a brand-new discovery: the only way to find out for yourself is to come and join us for cartoons and breakfast food! Get some much-needed comic relief at this week's Anime Brunch Club during Slapstick Anime Brunch! From puns to pratfalls to the bizarre humor in our everyday lives, these shows are just the levity we all need right now. Whether you're the most powerful fighter on earth, a divine entity barely scraping by, or just a regular weirdo like the rest of us, we invite you to take a break from your worries and come goof off on a Sunday afternoon.