Pro Night with Angela Naeth

March 21, 2017
5:30 pm
Bicycle Sport Shop Lamar

Angela Naeth, a world-class professional athlete, will be here Tuesday, March 21, at our South Lamar store for a Q&A session to inspire and educate all potential and aspiring athletes. If you're registered for Ironman Texas or just considering racing in a triathlon or Ironman event, come learn from the best. Hear from the woman who was 1st in the 2015 North American Ironman Champion, 1st in the 2014 Buffalo Springs Ironman, and 2nd in the 2015 Galveston Ironman on how to win in Texas. Hailing from British Columbia, Angela worked as a pediatric and orthopaedic physiotherapist after receiving her Masters degree in Physical Therapy in 2005. She completed her first triathlon in 2008 and quickly went into full-time racing. Known for her prowess on the bike, Angela is a multiple 70.3 Ironman Champion, twenty-five 70.3 podium finisher, Ironman 2014 Chattanooga Champion (her third Ironman) and the 2015 North American Ironman Champion with her scorching under 9-hour performance! Along with grabbing titles, Angela also coaches a number of athletes in all areas of triathlon using knowledge from her race experience, education, and the coaches she’s worked with throughout her career. Join us at the shop to see how her passion to help others achieve their best could accelerate your goals.

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Bicycle Sport Shop Lamar

Bicycle Sport Shop Lamar